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Imagine feeling fully alive, nourished, and energized every single day.

Imagine having a peaceful, easy relationship with food and your body.

New Growth
  • deep detoxification 


  • living food Nutrition


  • intuitive eating initiation

Transformation is a 30 day DIY intuitive detox kit, online support group, and self care practice to reclaim your best health and natural ability to heal yourself.



We will applying the core four sources of plant nutrition that support the body through daily detoxification and cellular regeneration.


Instead of the traditional concept of a cleanse, based in restrictive rules and extreme changes, this 30 day program is based in an abundance approach of incorporating a flood of nutrition through raw organic living foods.


Through intuitive eating we will eat well, live well, and create our own definition of a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

Utilizing the practice of intuitive eating, organic raw living foods, and a heart centered healing container, we will gently detoxify and de-colonize our bodies, minds, and spirits to feel the true freedom that is our birthright.


This simple, yet powerful plant protocol helps:

  • strengthen immunity

  • release toxic buildup

  • reduce inflammation

  • heal imbalances

  • lower stress

  • improve sleep

  • increase vitality

  • feel nourished


It is affordable, shipped directly to your door, safe for all including pregnant and nursing mamas, and easy to integrate into a busy life filled with work, kids, and all of the many facets of life in the modern world.


Change starts within.


By shifting how we eat, act, think, live, and how we care for ourselves, we can be vehicles for change in our communities and world.

for your body : raw organic living foods and detoxifying herbs

for your mind : inspiration and education to actively reject diet culture dogma

for your spirit : intuitive practices to release old patterns, habits, addictions, and blocks

how does it work?

We begin by nourishing our cells with nutrient dense living superfoods and gently detoxifying from past dietary choices and environmentally induced toxins.

We reduce inflammation and alkalize the PH levels to bring the body into homeostasis.

Our human body acts like a sponge, and even if we live a clean lifestyle, unfortunately we still cannot avoid all of the modern day pollution that may harm our health.

During this simple and convenient plant protocol, people have experienced relief from symptoms of toxicity including:


  • digestive disorders

  • hormonal imbalance

  • adrenal fatigue

  • pain and inflammation

  • depression and anxiety

  • low energy

  • mood swings

  • brain fog

  • insomnia

  • inflamed skin

  • low immunity

  • and more


Hands in the Soil

Deprogramming Diet Culture

We are devoted to speaking on the leading edge of social justice movements including including Trauma Informed Care, Intersectionality, Health At Every Size, Racial Justice, Economic Justice, and Food Justice. These systematic ways of life have gone on too long and its time to forge a new path. This kind of grassroots activism begins simply with ourselves. By healing our bodies, decolonizing our minds, and liberating our spirits in health and in wealth while supporting others to do the same. The change starts with us doing this un-learning and re-programing process on an individual level and then sharing that abundance of energy, insight, love, and resources with our families and communities.

Temple Candles

Heart Centered Mission

Our mission is to empower each other and our communities through education and practical application of true wholistic health practices which include not just the physical, but also the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self-healing journey. We provide the knowledge as well as the tools for women to heal themselves through simple and effective self-care practices that increase our daily joy and quality of life exponentially. This positive transformational effect ripples out into our families and communities touching the lives of everyone we meet through our ability to hold more kindness and compassion for others as we have learned to do for ourselves. This is a way to effect massive transformation on the planet.

Lemon Tree

Regenerative Agriculture

We have a personal relationship with every farm that provides food for our products, and ensure that they use the cleanest growing practices. Food is harvested, juiced and wind dehydrated on the farm. This process ensures that it is raw, live, and that its nutrient content is higher than any other food we eat. Most “fresh” food that we eat is hours, days and sometimes weeks after it’s harvested, during which time it loses much of its nutrients. Each smoothie is the equivalent of 6 superfood salads. And every batch is tested to ensure that there are no chemical residues. This, combined with the detoxification and gut healing, are why thousands of people have found these products to help their bodies heal in ways that no other protocol has.



In the first week of beginning my transformation I was amazed at how much energy and mental clarity I had without caffeine. My outlook on life became more positive. I was able to get in touch with how much food my body actually needed and the bad cravings easily went away and were replaced with cravings for nutritious foods. 


My sleep is way better. I'm dreaming again. I love it. Also down about 10 pounds. My energy is better too. Way better for sure in a small amount of time.


It was just the support I needed to fully go vegan, thanks to the aminos, which I would never live without now. And even after saying I would never give up my coffee, I had enough energy and could feel the healing in my body and gave up coffee. I gained confidence, energy and feeling so much more alive in my body!

2 ways to participate

90 meals

+ parasite detox
+ pesticide detox

+ athletic supplements


60 meals
+ parasite detox

+ pesticide detox

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​How will I be supported?

  • Personal Guidance

  • Instagram Support Chat

  • Weekly Inspiration Emails

  • Self Care Rituals

  • Delicious Recipes

  • Intuitive Eating Podcasts

  • Empowering Education

  • Weekly Yoga Practice


What is the time commitment?

  • 30 min intention private call 

  • 15 min a day nutrition routine for 30 days

  • 30 min integration private call 

How much does it cost?

Participation in the TRANSFORMATION support group is complimentary with the purchase of 1 of the 2 living foods packages listed here.

Looking at the Sun

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Imagine having a peaceful, easy relationship with your body.

Imagine feeling fully nourished and radically embodied in your everyday life.