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Kambo & tobacco practitioner training

Do you love helping people with your magickal abilities?


Are you a natural healer who's ready to expand your professional training? 

This Kambo & Tobacco Practitioner Training will give you the in-depth history, knowledge, safety, tools, and practical application to apply your light magick to help others in the world of Shamanic Witchcraft & Natural Medicines.

This 2 week online and 3 day in person course is designed to equip you with all you need to know to start sharing Kambo & Tobacco with your friends, family, and community.

We are drawn to the medicines that resonate with our soul. Through our own surrendering to the path of devotion & detoxification we discover deeper layers of ourselves through the process of letting go down to our most raw and authentic selves. Rebuilding with clear sight from a strong foundation.



We are here as Medicine Women to empower our community members by providing trauma-informed space to experience Kambo & Tobacco where we prioritize safety, compassion, and empathy.

Be Your Own Shaman.


Each plant is a teacher and each patient who comes to us seeking support is a teacher for us and a healer to themselves. As Medicine Women we are here to be a clear channel for the medicines to work through us in a good way and allow their message to be heard and experienced through us as a creative channel.



WEEK 1 //

Ethics & Responsibilities

Trauma Informed Practices

Tobacco: The 1st Plant Medicine

Tobacco: History & Use

Hape: Blow Techniques for Serving Self + Others

WEEK 2 //

Kambo: Traditional Origin Story + Use

Kambo: Safety Procedures + Medical Contraindications

Kambo: Technique for Serving Self + Others


Medicine Song Practice

Mapacho: Practice on Self + Others

Hape: Practice on Self + Others

Sananga: Practice on Self + Others

Kambo: Practice on Self + Others


MEDICINE WOMAN is a hand selected curriculum curated from over 6 months of study and over $5,000 invested in my personal education as a Shamanic Medicine Practitioner including 2 month long journeys to the Amazon Jungle to work with The Shipibo & Matses Tribes Peruvian peoples. 

We donate 14% of all student fees directly to the families we learned from.