rebirth retreat

Experience a total rebirth and system reset of body, mind, and spirit with a 3 day Kambo and Plant Medicine retreat.

august 18-20

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rebirth retreat


your initiation

Rebirth Retreat is a breakthrough initiation along your path as a self healer. With the help of four Master Medicines, Kambô, Hapé, Sananga, and Rose, you will rediscover your intuitive power to heal yourself and reconnect with your true nature.



Retreat accommodations are provided including allergy friendly meals, outdoor toilets, beautiful river for bathing, and ceremony tent for inclement weather. Bring your own tent for camping.

Nature Retreat

Immersing yourself in nature provides the maximum amount of healing benefits for this retreat weekend. Enjoy the experience of meadow camping surrounded by forest and river. 

3 Kambo Ceremonies

A traditional Kambo initiation given by the indigenous peoples includes 3 ceremonies within a moon cycle to achieve a healing break though.

3 Days + 2 Nights

Rebirth your spirit in the natural surroundings of the meadows, river, and forest as you enjoy made for you meals, community connection, magick, music, medicine and camping under the stars.

Prep + Integration Support

Receive personalized preparation and integration support to achieve long lasting results towards your healing goals with earth based medicines and nutrition.

Hapé and Sananga

Hapé and Sananga Plant Medicines aid in the transformation of energy and allow us to release emotional causes of illness from deep within the body.

Vegan GF Meals

All your meals will be provided including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. All meals are allergy friendly, vegan & GF to accommodate food sensitivities and serve the detoxification process.

Pesticide Detox

Begin your total rebirth transformation by cleansing your organs, healing your gut, nourishing your cells and detoxing pesticides from the body for rapid healing results.

3 Sound Ceremonies

The healing frequencies of a live Sound Ceremony will soothe you after every Kambo sit for a relaxing and restoring integration session. 


hailey maria

Truly transformative. Nova has such a mighty heart to serve our people in this way and share the magic of this beautiful medicine!