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medicine woman

Kambo & tobacco practitioner training

august 1-20

Do you love helping people with your magickal abilities?


Are you a natural healer who's ready to expand your professional training? 

MEDICINE WOMAN | Kambo & Tobacco Practitioner Training will give you the in-depth history, knowledge, safety, tools, and practical application to apply your light magick to help others in the world of Shamanic Witchcraft & Natural Medicines.

This 20 day course & 4 day retreat is designed to equip you with all you need to know to start sharing Kambo & Tobacco with your friends, family, and wider community.

Whether you desire to learn how to safely practice with the medicines for your own personal use, or whether you dream of adding one of the most powerful tools of the jungle into your healing toolkit, these skills will empower you personally and professionally.

Through our own surrendering to a path of spiritual devotion & detoxification we discover the deepest layers of ourselves down to our most authentic soul essence. 

We are drawn to the medicines that resonate with our soul, and Kambo is a medicine that empowers each unique soul to come fully into the forefront. By cleansing the body and mind of old programs we create space for new thoughts, habits, patterns, relationships, and blessings to come into our lives.




We are here as Medicine Women to empower our community members by providing trauma-informed space to experience Kambo & Tobacco where we prioritize safety, compassion, and empathy.

Be Your Own Shaman.


Each plant is a teacher and each patient who comes to us seeking support is a teacher for us and a healer to themselves. As Medicine Women we are here to be a clear channel for the medicines to work through us in a good way and allow their message to be heard and experienced through us as a creative channel.



WEEK 1 //

  • Ethics & Responsibilities in Medicine Work

  • Hapé: History, Use & Tools

  • Hapé: Techniques for Serving Self + Others

WEEK 2 //

  • Kambô: History, Use & Tools

  • Kambô: Contraindications + Safety Procedures

  • Kambô: Practical Application + Self Practice

WEEK 3 //

  • Traditional Medicine Songs

  • Writing your own Medicine Songs

  • Spiritual Protection for Practitioners


Mapacho: Practice on Self + Others

Hapé: Practice on Self + Others

Sananga: Practice on Self + Others

Kambô: Practice on Self + Others

Commencement Ceremony


MEDICINE WOMAN is a hand selected curriculum curated from years of Wholistic & Shamanic Healing Therapies, over $10,000 invested in my personal education as a Shamanic Medicine Practitioner.

Additionally, your trainer Nova Rose has traveled on 2 seperate month long journeys to the Amazon Jungle studying with The Shipibo & Matses Tribes in Peru.

Nova Rose is certified by the indigenous led school, Kambô Naturista, to train Kambô Practitioners.


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