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Aug 1-sep 14 | On line

aug 20-27 | in person

Have sacred medicines transformed you and your healing journey?

Do you feel called to help others heal themselves and the world?


Are you a natural healer who's ready to expand your professional training? 

KAMBO ANGEL Kambô & Hapé Certification Course will give you the in-depth history, knowledge, safety, tools, and practical application to help others heal with wholistic & shamanic therapies. This 6 week course & 6 night retreat is designed to equip you with all you need to know to start sharing Kambô & Hapé with your friends, family, and wider community as 2 of the most transformational healing tools on the planet.

Whether you desire to learn how to safely practice with these medicines for your own personal use, or whether you dream of adding 2 of the most powerful tools of the jungle into your healing toolkit, these skills will empower you personally and professionally.

Through surrendering to our own personal path of spiritual devotion & detoxification we discover the deepest layers of ourselves down to our most authentic soul essence. We rid ourselves of ancestral karma and baggage that has been blocking our blessings for centuries and free ourselves from the binds of those that came before us. 

Master Medicines like Kambô & Hapé have the power to heal on all levels at once: mind,  body, spirit, energy, and emotion. The echos of this impact of healing is felt 7 generations forward and 7 generations back to clear and open your family lineage to rid it of old trauma and create space for more love, peace, health, and beauty going forward.

In a colonized world, we have all been disconnected from where we come from, who our ancestors are, how to get back in touch with our roots, and what family really means. This is why we can spend a lifetime looking for approval, acceptance, belonging, and purpose.

When we dedicate ourselves to reconnecting with the land and our global family of people, animals, and plants, we start to find our way back home. Back home to ourselves, and back home to our hearts, which is where the real healing happens.

We are drawn share to the medicines that resonate with our soul.

Tobacco was the first medicine, and immense grounding wisdom of Hapé is quickly spreading around the world. In order to be in right relationship with our medicines and the land, learning the indigenous wisdom and practice of working with Tobacco properly (in all its forms) is imperative to a healthy and healing relationship with this plant that deserves deep respect for its healing power.

Kambô is a medicine that empowers each unique soul to come fully into the forefront. By cleansing the body and mind of old programs we create space for new thoughts, habits, patterns, relationships, and blessings to come into our lives.


KAMBO ANGEL Kambô & Hapé Certification Course will provide you with a 6 week intensive online training in these shamanic therapies & a 6 night immersive practice retreat to build your skills for supporting these medicines to reach all who they seek to help.


Each plant and animal is a teacher. Each patient who comes to us seeking support is a teacher for us and a healer to themselves. As Medicine Women we are here to be a clear channel for the medicines to work through us without interruption and allow their messages to be heard and experienced clearly through us as a creative channel.



We are here as Medicine Women to empower ourselves, our families, and our communities by providing trauma-informed safe spaces to receive the blessings of Kambô & Hapé where we prioritize consent, compassion, and normalizing the effects of living in a traumatized society.


Our medicines are provided by ethical and sustainable sources who care about supporting the indigenous tribes who so generously have given us access to them. We are in regular contact with an elder of the Matsés Tribe in Peru to provide for him and his family. We are trained by indigenous people and prioritize creating opportunities for our students to travel to the Amazon themselves to experience the magic of where these sacred medicines come from.

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KAMBO ANGEL is a hand selected curriculum curated from years of Wholistic & Shamanic Healing Therapies, over $11,000 invested in my personal education as a Shamanic Medicine Practitioner. As well as from Nova's  own direct experience serving Portland, Oregon since 2018.

Additionally, your trainer Nova Rose has traveled on 2 seperate month long journeys to the Amazon Jungle studying with The Shipibo & Matses Tribes in Peru.

Nova Rose is certified by the indigenous led school, Kambo Naturista, not just to serve Kambo, but also in advanced training to certify Kambo Practitioners herself. Graduating June 2023.


We partner with Kambo Naturista which is an organization & retreat center in Peru dedicated to helping the Kambo Frog thrive in its populations. They support frog sanctuaries to be care taken on Peruvian jungle land where no frogs may be milked. Kambo Naturista goes the extra step to ensure safe and ethical treatment of the frog during the milking process so they are not harmed. Examples are tying the frogs with a soft cloth instead of hard twine, as well as, milking from 2 different frogs to make 1 stick.



WEEK 1 //​​

  • Spiritual Protection for Practitioners

  • Medicine Spirit Connection

  • Hapé: History, Use & Tools

  • Hapé: Practical Application

WEEK 2 //

  • Kambo: History, Use & Tools

  • Kambo: Contraindications + Safety Procedures

  • Kambo: Practical Application

WEEK 3 //

  • Traditional Medicine Songs

  • Writing your own Medicine Songs

  • Ethics for your Patients in Medicine Work


Aug 20 // Preparation Day

Aug 21 // Kambo: Supervised Practice on Self

Mapacho: Practice on Self 

Self Reflection + Group Feedback

Aug 22 // Kambo: Supervised Practice on Self
Sananga: Practice on Self 
Self Reflection + Group Feedback

Aug 23 // Kambo: Supervised Practice on Self
Hapé: Supervised Practice on Others
Self Reflection + Group Feedback

Aug 24 // Kambo: Supervised Practice on Others​

Hapé: Supervised Practice on Others 

Self Reflection + Group Feedback

Aug 25 // Practice Test​

Practice Test Feedback 

Aug 26 // Final Exam
Kambo Final Exam Feedback 

Aug 27 // Integration Day​

WEEK 5 //

  • Retreat Review

  • Kambo: Anatomy + Physiology

  • Responsibilities in Medicine Work

WEEK 6 //

  • Going Public with your Medicine Practice

  • Kambo Final Exam Retest

  • Certification Commencement Ceremony

What makes this Kambo Training special?
  • practitioner manual
  • ethics & responsibilities
  • practical spiritual protection
  • kambo science, anatomy & physiology 
  • indigenous vocabulary & songs
  • future retreats with the matsés tribe 

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on line Aug 1-sep 14

in person aug 20-27