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Nova rose

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Certified Kambo Practitioner

Oct 2018 Iquitos, Peru

Initiated by Matsés Tribe

Certified Tobacco Carrier

Mar 2021 Los Angeles, USA

Initiated by Huni Kuin Tribe

Certified Reiki 1 Practitioner

Jan 2021 Portland, USA

Certified Reiki 2 Practitioner
Aug 2021 Seattle, USA

nova rose rebel angel recovery kambo


and I believe that vibrant health and abundant wealth is the birthright of every single person on this planet.


Yet, because of our separation out of village living these foundations of life are not currently available to everyone as they should be. My mission is to make nature's most effective transformational tools available to any who seek.


At the core, we are magickal beings. When we harness our magick to empower our freedom, we gain back our power and naturally walk in our divine purpose which is to life our best lives.

When we reconnect the intuitive intelligence of our natural bodies in loving, trusting relation with the Earth, we reconnect with our divine inheritance, living in abundance with all of nature.

As a foundation to this work I offer Plant Based Nutrition & Ancient Shamanic Therapies to target nervous system health, hormonal health, gut health, and brain health, which are all essential for a happy life.

I support empaths, evolutionaries, and new earth leaders to live so abundantly that they are able to exit the matrix and spend their time doing their spiritual service work in the world.

Welcome to my realm. It is an honor to serve you and your mission to express your true essence.


Hi, I'm Nova

Nova Rose



I feel so clear on so many levels! My pussy is super active today, she's so juicy and excited.  Cleared some major blocks that were preventing her messages and guidance. Thank you Goddess, you hold and create such yummy space.


Nova, I feel like I've been dipped in a healing pool of magical healing waters. I know true healing and growth is a long process, but after our time with one another I only feel hopeful about the path I'm walking.


Quiet and calm inside by body and head. No motion sickness when someone is driving. Easier to set boundaries, with my clients especially. Hearing things differently, even music. More energy. Sex drive is back. Staying hydrated easier.



I can't tell you how great I've been feeling since our session. I feel strong and more aware. Your prayer was letting the parts of me that wanted to be healed feel like they were seen and heard.


Nova is a modern day priestess who through the path of her own embodied healing journey, holds space for others on theirs. A curator of healing, Nova is truly a part of the medicine being imparted.


I'm feeling splendid! What a powerful experience. The amount of care you put into your practice shows. I feel like a new person. Renewed energy and a fresh container to fill with love. My heart is wide open.


Truly transformative. You have such a mighty heart to serve our people in this way and share the magic of this beautiful medicina!


It was powerful and healing in so many ways. After doing deep inner work this past month the universe gifted me with my bleed. I am ecstatic.

(After 4 Kambo sessions)


Nova was kind, versed in her practice, she carries the blessing of the Mother herself to provide this medicine. 


Thank you for holding secure space during such a vulnerable time. With words and songs, I felt very safe to let myself be fully emersed in the medicine.


Thirteen thank you's. I am humbled and grateful for the amazing ceremony you gave us. Absolutely incredible and impeccable.


Kambo helped me release the negative emotions that I felt were truly keeping me from having healthy relationships with my close friends and kids. 


frog medicine

Kambo, Sapo or Acate are just a few of the names used to describe this ancient healing treatment utilized by various indigenous tribes of the Amazon, including the Matzés in Perú.


The local tribesmen and women traditionally use it for:

  • Building immunity + physical strength

  • Deep cleansing + healing of the body 

  • Increasing motivation + stamina

  • Spiritual + mental clarity

  • Luck + zest of life


As more and more people are choosing to engage with the healing benefits of Kambo, knowledge about this powerful personal transformation is growing. Kambo is utilized in the western world to assist a person's natural healing capabilities from common ailments such as:

  • PTSD + trauma

  • depression + anxiety

  • viruses

  • parasites

  • infections

  • chronic illness

  • high inflammation 

  • bacterial overgrowth

  • hormonal imbalance

  • common mood "disorders"

  • substance dependency

  • adrenal fatigue + burnout

  • overstimulated nervous system

  • auto immune disease

The benefits of Kambo for advancement of healing in the body, mind, spirit, energy, and history are truly limitless.

Kambo contributes to the long lasting and permanent healing of chronic physical and mental "illnesses" that Western Medicine claims have "no cure"

benefits Of Kambo


Kambo detoxes the body, strengthens the immune system and activates self-healing within the body. It is a natural antiviral and antifungal. Not only does it support the healing of viruses within the body it also acts as a natural vaccine to prevent viruses.

Studies show that some peptides in the Kambo can be very effective in dealing with Alzheimer, Parkinsons Disease, infertility, hepatitis, cancer, AIDS and other serious conditions. Although there is no doubt of the wide range of uses of Kambo, it is necessary to find the right complimentary treatments.  food medicines, and personal lifestyle shifts which are specific and individual to each person and condition. 

We have seen Kambo help many people with a variety of conditions including allergies, skin diseases, asthma, rheumatism and joint disorders, chronic pain and infections, malaria, diabetes, hepatitis, epilepsy, depression, post chemotherapy fatigue, disease prevention and many more. 



The tribesmen of the Amazon use this medicine to clear themselves from "paneme“ (bad luck or dense energy). Kambo is a cleansing agent for it and after the treatment most people feel a strong optimism and clearness of the mind. They may feel recharged in strength and stamina and capable to achieve their goals. It is said that everything flows a bit better in the life after taking Kambo, because externally we always attract the thing that is going on internally.  

The Matses-tribesmen use Kambo for more luck when hunting in order to catch a big animal. In the Western culture we can use kambo to improve our everyday lives such as finding a job and being more successful in it, which could correspond to archaic desires of being the best hunter.  


If the impression has arisen by now that Kambo can cure anything, one still has to consider that every human being is unique. The outcome of the treatments can vary in their effects as well as in the amount of time it may take to feel those effects. Everybody is different and so every session can be a bit different because Kambo works on many levels and is unique in its translation. 

It is very important to not compare Kambo with conventional medicines. In our opinion to gain true long term benefits of healing, one often has to make healthy lifestyle changes in addition to the treatment. It is not truly  beneficial to take Kambo and continue an unhealthy lifestyle because the problem that has been treated would most likely present itself again.   

everyone deserves equal access

Payment Plans available for those in need

kambo frog medicine


Receive a Kambo Initiation & Organic Plant Gut Healing Package. Designed for anyone new to Rebel Angel Recovery.

1 Private Health Consultation

1 Intention Session


1 Kambo Ceremony

Hapé + Sananga

1 month Organic Superfood Supplements

Pesticide Detox